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Related Drugs: Xarelto (rivaroxaban), Coumadin (warfarin), Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate).

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If a clot detaches from the vessel and travels to the heart or lungs, it can become a life-threatening situation.

Long-term or chronic use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).In patients taking Eliquis for the treatment of blood clots, the recommended dosage is 10 mg.For certain individuals, a dosage of 2.5 mg twice daily is recommended.If you developed a compulsive behavior after taking Eliquis, please speak to us to learn more about your rights.

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Also unlike Coumadin, there is no antidote for internal bleeding or hemorrhage caused by Eliquis.An anticoagulant is a substance that deters blood clotting—an essential bodily function that prevents excess bleeding.

Anticoagulants help to prevent clotting and potentially fatal circumstances from deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs) and pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs).The intent of the Oral Anticoagulant - Eliquis, Pradaxa, Savaysa, Xarelto quantity limit program is to encourage appropriate prescribing quantities as recommended by.The information provided by Drugwatch.com is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.Kristin is a medical writer with a background in legal studies.Patients taking warfarin typically need their blood tested between once a week and once a month.

FDA grants approval for Pradaxa antidote. What about Xarelto?

If you watch any TV, odds are you have been seeing commercials for new anticoagulant drugs (blood thinners) called Pradaxa, Eliquis, Xarelto, and Savaysa.Being of the same drug class as Xarelto, Eliquis is similarly used as a preventative treatment against blood clotting and.

We are investigating claims that drug companies Pfizer and Bristol.The information on this site includes PAST RESULTS, TESTIMONIALS FROM CLIENTS and STATEMENTS ABOUT THE QUALITY OF OUR LEGAL WORK.

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If you need to file a lawsuit, we can connect you with lawyers who can help evaluate your case.After the company resubmitted its application, the FDA concluded that the major findings of the ARISTOTLE trial remained valid.

American Heart Association. (2017). What is Atrial Fibrillation (AFib or AF).Atrial fibrillation, oral anticoagulant drugs, and their reversal agents. The approvals of Pradaxa, Xarelto, Eliquis,.Other Other side effects that may occur while taking Eliquis include.Independent researchers uncovered 18 of these Asian sites had altered records to cover up numerous violations of good clinical practice guidelines.

The article concluded that apixaban was superior to warfarin in preventing strokes or blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation, and that it caused less bleeding and had a lower mortality rate.Other medications used to help prevent or treat blood clots, including other anticoagulants.It is recommended that women who are breastfeeding either discontinue breastfeeding or discontinue Eliquis after speaking with their doctor.When you experience side effects from a dangerous drug, it can have devastating effects on your entire life.Patients should continue taking Eliquis for approximately 35 days following a hip replacement surgery, and approximately 12 days following a knee replacement surgery.